You've found my glorified placeholder on the Web.

My name is David Overcash - and I'm a software developer in Seattle, Washington.

I'd give any language it's fair shot - but, if it were up to me, I'd pick a C-style syntax any day. Yes, even if that means PHP. I guess I can't imagine going a day without my {curly brackets}. I have learned, however, to deal with the lack of a line terminator in Go and any semblence of strong typing in Javascript.

I'm extremely interested in seeing the next stage of the Web - particularly when it comes to creating virtual worlds and experiences that allow people to interact with each other. I find any tool that bridges divides and allows disparate groups of people to interact to be incredibly interesting (maybe even world changing).

I've had the pleasure of being in nearly every possible role for a programmer - from real-estate video platforms and co-founding a classic Techcrunch startup, to building a FOSS accounting platform and the systems that enable System76 to sell and manufacture computers.

I'm currently working at Moz as a software engineer. If you're ever in downtown Seattle you should stop by and say “hello!” psst. you should work here too!